Is Yoga an exercise ?


Traditionally in the west

Yoga is seen as a form of physical exercise to gain fitness and reduce stress. This is certainly true, however Yoga is far more than that. In yoga we harness the power of our bodies but also unite this with the power of our minds.


Uniting and transforming the whole

Yoga is also the means of uniting our whole being – body, breath, mind and spirit. To change the mind we need to alter the body. In yoga this is done through the practice of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation. By becoming aware of the body and the breath and how it functions, allows us to alter the way we move and breathe and ultimately the way we use our minds.



Ancient and tested

The practice of yoga can be traced back to 2,700 BC and in that time has been fully tested and found to be a highly effective means by which the process of transformation can take place. The change takes place on the entire person and affects the physical body, the mind, the emotions and the spirit.



From the outside in

Yoga works from the outside in. It is a process of refinement from the gross body to the subtle. We work on the physical body (coordinated with the breath) which is the gross part of our nature. The focus then changes more fully to the breath, a finer part. We end in a state of meditation where we are working directly on the mind, which is a finer process still. The focus inward leads to Samadhi, the state of bliss, of peaceful awareness, this ultimately is the goal of yoga.


What can yoga do for me?

Regular Yoga Practice can offer many health benefits:

Back pain is reduced

Flexibility improves

Energy levels increase

Breathing improves

Stress is reduced and controlled

Confidence and self empowerment are achieved