What is the difference between the various classes?

All classes are mixed ability Yoga – This is suitable for all (including pre/post natal). You work at your own pace, resting whenever you need to. I offer posture variations for those who wish to work more strongly.


I am a beginner is it okay to come along?

Yes! We all need to start somewhere Let me know at the start of the class that it is your first time so that we can discuss any health issues and that you are happy with everything .


I am pregnant, can I join the yoga classes?

Yes! I generally recommend that pregnant ladies join the classes after their 13th week. Certain postures aren't appropriate or helpful in pregnancy (no lying on the abdomen, no strong twisting or abdominal strengthening or stretching poses), however the majority of poses are very helpful in preparing the body for birth and motherhood. It is important that you tell me that you are pregnant so I can advise you appropriately within the general class.


What do I wear?

Comfortable, non-restrictive clothing that isn't too baggy. Bare Feet. Bring along a blanket or warm jumper for the relaxation session at the end of the class.


How many people do you have in a class and what ages are they?

My classes vary in terms of numbers (usually between 8 and 15) and ages (anything from teenagers to 75+!). Classes are deliberately kept small in order that I am able to give each student the attention they need and deserve. Yoga is non-competitive and we all work at our own pace in every posture, so it doesn't matter how old or young you are or what experience you have – we can all find something challenging to do!


How long is a course and how much will it cost?

Courses are charged by the half term (usually six or seven weeks). If you chose to book your classes in advance you will receive a discount.


May I drop in and pay as I go?

In normal times Yes, but in the current circumstances classes must be booked and paid for half termly in advance. Please contact Glenn for details of charges.


Where do I buy yoga products and clothing?

You may purchase mats, blocks, belts on-line and at many local retail stores. You do

not need to go to the expense of specially designed Yoga clothing as any non restrictive

fitting garments are adequate.



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